FREE Wiring Test


Checking a simple circuit is straightforward – the lighting circuits are among the simpler ones. But the electrical wiring in a car contains many interlinking and branching circuits, which bring complications. All car wiring is colour-coded; unfortunately there are no national or international standards for colours. Colour codes for individual cars can be found in wiring diagrams, in the car handbook or in a service manual but these are not always logical and easy to understand. We recommend to pop in at your closest Battery Clinic store and let us assist you, and if needed recommend an auto electrician. Because of the complexity of the Car wiring we know that ofter a shortcut can cause problems with your Car Battery and that is what we want to avoid so we can send you on your way with our mind at peace. It is also good advice to get your electrical system tested every 3 months if you have a large aftermarket sound system installed in your vehicle. Your local Battery Clinic will gladly assist in this matter.