UPS Systems Load-shedding

UPS Inverter Systems come in all shapes and sizes and also with varying levels of quality, capacity and ‘back-up’ time. Typical to the Battery Clinic Ethos, we have selected to stay with high quality UPS System products which offer the end user choices for various capacities & applications.

UPS Systems FAQ

As with so many other products these days, it’s more about what the manufacturers/suppliers don’t tell you than about what they do tell you. The following questions are extremely important:

  • Are the Battery Clinic UPS systems of the type Pure Sine Wave? Yes
  • Can Battery Clinic supply UPS systems that also have solar panel input? Yes
  • Do the Hybrid-solar UPS systems include on-board MPPT solar charge controllers? Yes
  • Can Battery Clinic supply True Deep Cycle batteries for these systems? Yes
  • Do these UPS systems offer automatic ‘switch-over’ on power failure/power restoration? Yes
  • Do the UPS systems offer automatic multi-stage intelligent battery charging? Yes

Take a look at our Standard and Solar-hybrid UPS systems to understand how they work. When you’re ready to laugh at load shedding, contact your nearest Battery Clinic outlet so we can assist in specifying the correct system for clean green back-up power for your home or office.

no noise * no pollution * very low maintenance costs * no fuel costs * instant ‘switch-over’

Conventional UPS Systems

The Luminous UPS inverter systems range from 875Kva to 10Kva Single Phase. These units are type Pure Sine Wave meaning they are safe to power any electronic/electrical appliance. Luminous systems…

Hybrid UPS Systems

The Mecer Solar-hybrid UPS inverter systems range from 1Kva to 5Kva Single Phase, and the 5Kva can also be used for Three Phase applications. These units are type Pure Sine Wave…