Deep Cycle Marine Battery

We all know we need to be Waterwise, water is scarce in South Africa and we need to ensure we conserve. At Battery Clinic we want people to enjoy our open waters, don’t spill, don’t speed and be Waterwise. Save energy ensuring your Deep Cycle Marine Battery is fully charged and in perfect condition, this ensures your time on our waters is filled with fun! “Sparky”

Why a Deep Cycle Marine Battery:

Deep-cycle batteries are lead-acid batteries that are designed to be regularly deeply discharged during normal operation, Deep-cycle batteries are effectively capable of discharging up to 80% of its capacity. The best lifespan vs cost method is to keep the battery at an 50% depth of discharge. All Battery Clinic deep-cycle batteries are flooded antimonial lead-acid batteries. Battery Clinic sells a range of deep cycle batteries with capacities ranging from 36 to 110 Ah at 12 Volts, making them most suitable for standby systems, marine, solar, and outdoor applications.

Boat owners for instance have traditionally had to make a choice between starting power or deep cycle power when replacing a marine battery. But most boaters want both:

  1. a Marine Battery that delivers robust starting power when you need it.
  2. a Marine Battery that withstands deep and frequent depths of discharge (DOD) without significant power loss.

Walk into your closest Battery Clinic Store and ask what our solution is for your request. We can’t know it all that is why we are the Battery Specialist!