New Leisure Batteries

Locally manufactured POWERFORCE (Dixon) New Leisure Batteries are of exceptional high quality and can lay claim to the fact that they are indeed true Deep Cycle batteries.

Facts – Our New Leisure Batteries

Our 105Ah Lead Antimony Deep Cycle / Leisure Batteries form an important part of our product line-up because South Africans enjoy all sorts of outdoor leisure activities – it’s in our DNA. Whether it be camping, boating, safari etc, at some point you are going to need a good Deep Cycle battery.

The Dixon DC105DT is an exceptionally robust true Deep Cycle battery due to the Lead Antimony component. Just as outdoor leisure is in our DNA, robust mechanical strength lies within the DNA of the plates mounted in the DC105DT battery, thus maintaining integrity of the plates during deep cycle application. This battery comes with both stud and pole type posts providing flexibility and easy connectivity for accessories.Another favourite is the 638L – 60Ah Deep Cycle battery, intended for lighter duty such as trolling motors, camp lighting etc.

Of course we also supply other Deep Cycle batteries depending on application / specification such as the Vision AGM 100Ah / 200Ah batteries, Trojan Gel / AGM / Lead Antimony batteries. In the ‘true Deep Cycle’ battery market, you really do get what you pay for, and when it comes to renewable energy storage, UPS systems etc, the better the battery, the better your energy reserve and the life of the battery.

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