Motorcycle Batteries

Motorcycle Batteries – when you need one you would like to know you’re getting a good battery at the right price. In our on-going endeavour to uphold our already highly regarded name, you can be assured of just that.

At any Battery Clinic franchise you will find a wide selection of the most common motorcycle batteries and our pricing as usual is excellent. Most of our standard lead acid motorcycle batteries are stored ‘dry’, meaning we add the electrolyte only when a customer purchases the battery. This ensures you get a battery that really is brand new.

Battery Clinic can also supply the sealed ‘Gel’ version for most of the standard motorcycle battery sizes.

At Battery Clinic, we know and understand that South Africa is motorcycle country, and that there is nothing more frustrating than being all kitted up and ready to go, and then to find your ‘dearly beloved’ won’t start. So, as an added service and at no charge, we can also test the charging system on your motorcycle to ensure your motorcycle battery is receiving the required charge, making sure your next ride will happen.

Experience our professional Sparky ‘Service with a smile’ at a Battery Clinic near you.

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