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Intelligent multi-stage Battery Chargers. Battery Chargers are available in all shapes and sizes these days, and technology has advanced to the point where a Battery Charger doesn’t just charge a battery but provides reliable & safe maintenance as well, thus extending the life of the battery.

Facts – Our Battery Chargers

Through multi-stage processes, intelligent chargers continually measure and test the battery during the charging process and progress to the next stage accordingly. The advantage of intelligent chargers over the older type of chargers is the prevention of sulphation which is the ‘silent killer’ of batteries and constant safe maintenance. Let’s explain:

One of the main causes of battery failure is “Permanent Sulphation” caused by:

  1. Allowing a battery to stand in a discharged state for a long period.
  2. Leaving a charged battery for long periods without regular recharges. Over time this means the battery is actually being destroyed. Disconnecting the battery will not prevent this.

The modern charger however will prevent this by providing a very low current ‘float charge’ after saturation charge is complete which maintains the battery without any chance of overcharging or sulphation.

Battery chargers are particularly important for batteries used in recreational vehicles / marine craft because many of these are seasonal leisure assets not in use during the Winter months. An intelligent battery charger will prevent the loss of such batteries.

The most frequently asked question is: “How powerful should the charger be for my battery”. Battery Charger ‘size’ / ‘rating’ is all about the amount of current (I) it can provide. It is widely accepted that a battery charger is most efficient if it can provide roughly 10% of the rated Ah of the battery @ 27°C. In higher temperatures we can reduce the percentage slightly. A charger that is too small might not be able to get a battery to a fully charged state. This will definitely decrease the life of the battery.

At Battery Clinic, you will find an assortment of Battery Chargers to choose from, and you will receive the right advice on which charger would be best suited for your requirements.

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