Hybrid UPS Systems

The Mecer Solar-hybrid UPS inverter systems range from 1Kva to 5Kva Single Phase, and the 5Kva can also be used for Three Phase applications. These units are type Pure Sine Wave meaning they are safe to power any electronic/electrical appliance. All the Mecer systems incorporate solar panel inputs and MPPT solar charge controllers of various specification depending on the model. The 5Kva model provides flexibility since additional units can be connected in parallel.

Facts – Mecer Solar-hybrid UPS inverter systems;

With various models and configurations to choose from, most office or home applications can be catered for and provide additional savings if required by means of the Solar Panel input. These UPS Inverter systems combine high quality with high efficiency resulting in excellent stand-by (back-up) time if specified and used correctly, and with the software driven menu displayed via the on-board LCD screen or computer communications port, parameters can be adjusted or the user can simply scroll through the pages and view all the details of the system settings and status.

Fully automated, in the event of a power failure the Mecer UPS inverter system will automatically switch over to battery power in as little as 10Ms, which means you will not even see a flicker on a TV screen or computer monitor. Once mains power is restored, the unit will seamlessly revert back to AC power or solar power and commence stage one of the intelligent battery charging cycle.

Typical application would be any environment where reliable battery back-up power is required and where solar panels can be installed to supplement the mains power supply. The Mecer UPS inverter systems also have a very smart way of dealing with 3 phase applications through the parallel connectivity of the 5Kva system, delivering a maximum of 10Kva per phase, total 30Kva.

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