Battery Clinic – Battery Shop

Battery Clinic is known for their service and quality Car Batteries, Truck Batteries, Motorcycle Batteries, Leisure Batteries and Utility batteries. We supply Brand New Batteries as well as Reconditioned Batteries.

Locally manufactured POWERFORCE batteries are of exceptionally high quality and carry the SABS mark of approval. 24 months Guaranteed, ask your sales person for details.

Our reconditioned batteries, called ‘RENEW’ batteries. Equal in power and almost half the price of a new battery. Due to using the latest equipment, well trained and experienced staff, we can with confidence give you 6 months Warranty!

Other makes of batteries sold at our outlets are the ENERTEC, ATLASBX, SUPAVOLT, PROBE and VARTA – 24 months Warranties plus our in-house SPARKY EXTREME with a 12 month Warranty.